Igbo Presidency: The Only Way Forward

22 July 2013 at 19:25
I am one of the ardent supporters of Igbo president in Nigeria. My opinion was informed by my desire for justice and level playing field for all in Nigeria. I have believed that forgetting the past would help in fashioning the future. I now see how wrong my opinion was.

The clamour for Igbo presidency in Nigeria would not materialized till the contingent issues are resolved. My research has shown that when n issue that led to war is not treated justly, the war would not end. The inability of the Igbos to produce a president in Nigeria is due to their inability to resolve past but pending issues.

I want to suggest remedy to the debacle. This might be hard but its the only way forward. In my view we can not solve the Igbo issues in Nigeria without starting from the senate to address injustices against us. Agitation for the abrogation of the abandoned property decree, demand for restitution from the fed for that 20pounds injustice, political demand for the trial of all war criminals. Creation of equal states and demand for the exploration of the oil in Ebonyi, Imo and Anambra states. Till we start agitating for these Nigeria will not take us serious.

1. It would not amount to any treason by any standard if Ndigbo start agitating for a bill that would abrogate the abandoned property decree. The decree that legalized the confiscation of Igbo properties is unjust and should be discarded and discredited. Why has no Igboman raised this question at the federal level? It is only when injustices like this is addressed that Igbos would regain there respect in history’

2. How long would we pretend/act like the 20 pounds Awolowo gave us at the end of the war in 1970 did not hurt us? That was a criminal act, an organized robbery carried through government agency. If the Igbos were Jews no Igbo man would shake hands with Awoists. 20 pounds every Igbo man no matter how much you have in your account before the war. How come no Igbo man has raised the issue to the national conscience? Fear and selfish cravings. Ndigbo should drag the federal government to court to pay restitution or reparation to Igbo nation. It would take just one move before it become a national issue. Ndigbo have many academia, social groups, intellectuals, and education dons. How come then that Igbo issues are not being discussed in the international community. When would our redeemer come?

3. Why the imbalance in the creation of states? Why are the Igbos quite? Who would speak for us? Who shall I send, God seems to be asking. Are you an Igbo activist? Start now, you are being challenged. There you should be people questioning the injustices of the past. Jews received restitution, the Philippine sex slaves of the world war two are still receiving compensations, why is ours different.

4. Why are there no refineries in the SE? Who killed our prophets? Let the man arise that will advocate our cause. The agitation for Igbo presidency would not materialize till the above issues are addressed. The people tat subjected us to this misery will not redeem us without demanding it. Ndigbo are despised in Nigeria today because only Igbos can sleep comfortably in such terrific injustice. Ndigbo should start asking and demanding for their rights to be restored before aspiring to the presidency.

Those who oppress, and marginalize us cannot make us their leader or president. We need to address the issues of injustices first before clamuring for the presidency. As it is today Ndigbo are fast becoming a political endangered specie in Nigeria. Ndigbo are minority in all level of government in Nigeria. It is sorry to say Ndigbo has no member of the security council in Nigeria. Ndigbo is minority in Federal house of representatives, senate we are minority, we have the least positions in government, we have the least number of states in SE. The hard truth about this is that we will never win anything through majority voting. If these issues are not resolved, I wonder if an Igbo man would ever be president in Nigeria.
Onyema Uche



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