Ihe na ebe na ebe kwa.

We are Igbo activists gathering a team of Igbo Professionals and other well meaning Igbos to form a formidable intellectual think tank for Ndi Igbo.

Aim: To re-awaken Igbo consciousness, reposition Ndi Igbo in the scheme of things. We intend to raise a new form of leadership for Ndi Igbo and work for SENSIBLE Igbo republicanism.



  1. Ekelee m unu. Ndi be anyi dejenu!

    Could you please update the map of Igboland to include the entire Igbo land and depict major cities like Enugu, Nsukka and Abakaliki?

  2. Dear Simeon, this is the best we have. We can not have all the major cities in Igbo land on the map. It is just a placeholder. If you notice not all state capitals are even there. If you have a better map and would like to highlight all the major cities in Igboland, please forward it to us and we will update it.

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