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Equal States For All Geopolitical Zones

The Igbo ethnic group is one of the major three ethnic groups in Nigeria and the South East geo- political region which is made up of Igbo’s is one of the largest geo- politcal zones in Nigeria.

We have realized that while other geo-political zones in Nigeria even smaller ones have between six and seven states, the South East has only a beggarly five.

Because we stand for equity, justice and fair play in the polity of Nigeria, we have introduced this petition titled ‘EQUAL STATE MOVEMENT’ . We enjoin ALL people of Igbo extraction and other well-meaning people of Nigeria who stand for justice, fairness and equity and who are against marginalization to sign this petition seeking the creation of one more state only for the South East geopolitical zone.

Please read the petition below carefully and ‘click on sign petition’, then complete the form and click SIGN and it is done! It takes less than 2 minutes.
Thank you for your support and God bless you as you sign against injustice.