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Igbos Need A Think Tank

Northern Nigeria has a complex political structure and with that they cheat every part of the country and corner the best out of the national cake. However evidence shows that despite cornering the booties – Northern masses remain poor and the gap between their rulers and their subjects remain a yawning one.

Comparing the Northern common man with average Igbo, one wonders what the North is doing with the loots. On the other hand, Igbo political structure and machine is so ineffectual and completely useless in competing for booties at national and international level. Any relevance Igbos have is down to individual efforts and enterprising spirits of the Igbos.

With regards to statecraft, Igbo formation is simply basic and rudimentary and bereft of any sensible organisational structure necessary for external competition or warding off external influences and invasion. The Igbo structure is good for individual Igbo sustenance but even in the economic and commercial spheres where Igbos can excel, the individual and isolationist mind set makes cartel business ventures unattractive and in the sense of the emerging global network of ventures, Igbo pattern may never rise beyond subsistence.

Furthermore looking at Igbos from Nigerian structural prism, Igbos remain expose and at danger of vagaries of politics and encumbrances of policies dictated by well organised political machines such as are in the hands of Hausa/Fulani oligarchy and Western Yoruba power blocks. Igbo presences and Igbo life style is threatening to others. This is well known to Igbos but the choice of leaving matters to fate is not because Igbos do not bother about the attention and scrutiny they know they face in Nigeria. The lose covalent bond amongst Igbos because of penchant to go solo is the factor.

The worry is that no nation or group can continually ignore external threat and hatred to their collective existence and fail to pay a price! Past experiences are enough indicators and warnings. Igbos with innate qualities and individual competitiveness stand better chance in any race to win by miles. The only thing that is lacking is strong bonding lattice to form big critical mass that could resist melt and sublimation under heat and pressure.

In the light of this I opine that the only way forward is for Igbos to develop AN IGBO THINK TANK that will revenue Igbo problems formulate AGENDA OF CHANGE based on INNOVATIONS that take into account our republican nature but in a manner that it does not impede progress, unity and development our people and our putative institution