Who We Are

  • Umunnem,
    We are Igbo activists gathering a team of Igbo Professionals and other well meaning Igbos to form a formidable intellectual think tank for Ndi Igbo.Aim: To re-awaken Igbo consciousness, reposition Ndi Igbo in the scheme of things. We intend to raise a new form of leadership for Ndi Igbo and work for SENSIBLE Igbo republicanism.

    1. Igbo unity – to help organise a consensus opinion in key Igbo issues.
    2. To promote and support communities’ led development initiatives and projects and foster co-operations amongst our people Igbo Nation via shared common interests amongst communities, Local government and state.
    3. To encourage inward investments and development of Igbo nation.
    4. Promote and encourage thirst for education, innovations, acquisition of science and technology skills and talents amongst our young.
    5. Initiation and promotion of acquisition of leadership amongst Igbos
    6. To seek for planned maximum industrialised Igbo nation, but in a manner that will safeguard our natural habitat and ecosystem.
    7. To promote interactions and alliances with other Igbo forums and organisations in furtherance of general and major Igbo interests.
    8. To seek to put overall Igbo interests above every other considerations.
    9. To enter into national, regional and international alliances or co-operations with support of about two-third of support of members in projects which administrators feel will secure a major deal for Igbos.
    10. To promote aspiration of interests of individual members and NdiIgbo in all spheres – commerce, education, politics through sharing of ideas, links and promotions of gate ways to life within and outside Nigeria.
    11. To promote partnership and co-operations amongst Igbo investors through training, information and assistance.
    12. To restore the pride of the Igbos.
    13. To seek for development of all levels of man-power to cater for the needs of our communities and our environment and to export such skills to world around us that may want Igbo nation’s assistance through reward in skills in which we are versatile or uniquely endowed.
    14. To work to reduce crime by empowering our youths through inculcating in them good moral and religious values and through providing them with skills they need to have a start in life.
    15. To seek for restitution or reparation in issues of historical matters where IAM administration deliberate on the matter and find it essential and such is supported by two-third of the members of IAM.
    16. To restore valuable Igbo culture, tradition and customs where necessary and to modernise aspects we feel are not keeping with time.
    17. To promote justice, fair-play and equality amongst all segments of our society in Igbo nation and to fight discrimination on basis of sex/gender, town, Local government or state of origin or on the basis of religion. IAM members should stand for women’s right and against abuse in any form – domestic, social, cultural and class abuse.


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